Gorgeous places in Bahrain visitors must know about

You can book a trip to Bahrain via Qatar Airways at the lowest cost and choose your desired seats and upgraded cabins.

Gorgeous places in Bahrain visitors must know about

The most interesting and challenging part is finding the best vacation spots. However, you can choose Bahrain, which is the best location in the Middle East and attracts the majority of tourists worldwide. Several attractions make it among the best venues for your vacation. 

You can book a trip to Bahrain via Qatar Airways at the lowest cost and choose your desired seats and upgraded cabins. However, flying via Qatar Airways multi-city flights helps you explore multiple destinations on a single fare, along with several benefits. 

However, it's home to 51 islands that uplift its natural beauty. So, below are some famous locations to explore:

  1. Manama City:

You can start from one of the most famous areas in the Middle East, Manama City. The best time to visit here is between December and March. This city reflects the Bahrain tradition along with a contemporary style. The other features of this city are the beautiful skyscrapers followed by the attractive architecture. 

Apart from these, the city's centre of attraction is the Twin Towers and the countries' World Trade Centers. There are other areas to explore, and it takes around three days to tour the whole place. 

  1. Bahrain National Museum:

Are you seeking the most Gorgeous places in Bahrain? Visitors must know about the beautiful Museum of Bahrain. However, this incredible museum covers about 27,800 square metres. It's the biggest public museum & home to several incredible artefacts that reflect the nation's history.

You can call it the most exciting place to visit in Bahrain, and its opening hours are 9 am to 8 pm. The museum is divided into six sections with six halls, and it has artefacts dating back to the 4000-year-old kingdom. 

  1. Beit Al Quran:

The most renowned and sacred location in terms of religion is Beit Al Quran. Here, you can find a rich collection of the Quran. This place has Qurans from almost all the centuries, and these are translated into European language. The visitors can also visit the library, where you can find books followed by the works of famous Islamic writers. 

You can arrive here for free, and the timings are from 9 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm. It closes on Friday. Here, you will learn about several facts related to Islam and much more. 

  1. Riffa Fort:

If you like to know the historical facts and wish to explore renowned historical architecture, then Bahrain is the best place. The best part is that you can fly here via Qatar Airways, which offers a pleasurable travel experience along with several benefits.

The other benefit is to cover multiple cities of Bahrain by booking a qatar airways multi city flight that offers discounted fares, seat selection & more. However, Riffa Fort is famous for its stunning architecture & takes you back to the era of Al Khalifas. Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmad AL Fatih built it in 1812. 

Inside the fort, you can find a small museum with a group of listings and great artefacts that offer a mind-blowing experience.

  1. Hawar Island:

There are incredible and hidden treasures in Bahrain, one of them being Hawar Island. It's a fabulous gateway for worldwide tourists who are nature enthusiasts. Moreover, this island is home to numerous water sports along with the best resorts. 

Travellers can also enjoy scenic views of the ocean while staying at luxurious resorts. There is no doubt that it's the most stunning area to visit in this Middle East nation. 

You can plan to explore this place in 1 to 2 days & enjoy a different kind of travel experience. 

  1. Amwaj Islands:

If you are seeking the top and the most Gorgeous places in Bahrain visitors must know about, then here you can also find some of the best islands that offer a world-class and phenomenal environment. Here, you can visit the world-class beaches, but there are other options to explore. 

These are the luxurious restaurants, resorts, cafes, and shopping malls, and these things make Bahrain an ideal vacation destination. Moreover, the best things to do here include the Grove Hotel, the conference centre, the Ramada Hotel, and other venues. 

  1. Al Areen Wildlife Park:

If you like Flora & Fauna, then Al Areen Wildlife Park is the perfect location to visit. The best part of enjoying these locations in Bahrain is arriving here via Qatar Airways flight, which offers a remarkable travel experience. 

Apart from that, you can also book a Qatar Airways multi-city trip that allows you to fly at the cheapest rates along with multiple services. At Al Areen Wildlife Park, you can find more than 25 species of Flora and more than 80 species of birds and other animals.

If you don't know the time, then these are from Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm, but they are closed on Friday and Saturday. The entry fee is BD 1, and there is no fee for children under 2 years. 

  1. Manama Souq:

If you are planning a trip to Bahrain, you should arrive at the traditional markets and buy some antiques. However, Manama Souq is among the best tourist attractions for worldwide commuters.

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