Key Ingredients of Gritzo Supermilk and Their Benefits for Growing Children

Health drink mixes are powdered or granulated beverages formulated with essential nutrients to promote the healthy growth of a child. They also improve the flavour of milk. Health drink mixes can be a part of your children’s balanced diet and contribute to their overall well-being. While milk is the most important health drink for a growing child, he or she might find it monotonous to consume it every day. New and innovative ways should be found to make the milk tasty and filled with nutrition. Health drink mixes loaded with flavours are a healthy alternative to fortified milk Schminktisch.
If you are a parent looking for the best health drink mix for your child, then you can find some nutritious ones like Gritzo Supermilk.

Here is a list of some of the major nutrients present in Gritzo Supermilk.

Contains 3 source, high-quality protein
Helps build body tissues
Improve metabolism

Essential for bone and teeth development and maintenance
Helps in muscle contraction
Maintains normal blood circulation

Vitamin D3
Helps absorb calcium and phosphate from the blood
Promote bone and muscle strength
Strengthen immunity

Other Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins included are
A: Helps in growth and development, supports the immune system
B1: Maintain energy, supports healthy brain function
B2: Boost energy, and maintain immune function
B3: Improve digestion and absorption,
B6: Maintain energy levels and keep the healthy functioning of the brain
B12: Support bone health, improve symptoms of depression
C: Supports the immune system and healthy functioning of the brain
E: Improves immune function
K: Improve bone density, Reduce inflammation
Biotin: Maintain energy levels

Supports healthy growth and development
Maintain energy levels
Keep oxygen level in muscles

help maintain basic physiological functions

A well-thought-out approach is required to maintain the optimum health of your children. Gritzo Supermilk has the perfect blend of high-quality nutrition with natural ingredients.

The Unique Ingredients

Gritzo’s Magical Formula contains some natural and special ingredients like:


It enables the body to adapt to the stress and fosters a sense of calm and grit.
It is scientifically proven that Ashwagandha helps improve sleep quality and decreases anxiety levels.
Improve muscle strength
Helps with cognition, memory, and motor responses
Helps in the growth of your child


Supports muscle growth
It is packed with antibodies and proteins
Helps boost immunity


Rich in curcumin, which is an anti-inflammatory agent.
High in antioxidants, which reduces the risk of many diseases.
It improves and helps with memory function
Helps manage anxiety


Packed with antioxidants including vitamin C, flavonoids, and polyphenols
The fibre content promotes digestive health
Has anti-inflammatory properties


Improves cognitive function
Improves stamina
Enhances immunity

Personalised Drink: Catering to the Nutritional Requirements of Children

Every child is unique. Their nutritional requirements are also different. Your teen’s nutritional needs are not the same as your toddler’s. Gritzo, addressing this need, has formulated personalised health drink mixes tailored for specific age groups and gender. These support the growth requirements, different activity levels, and lifestyles. Also, Gritzo health drink mixes are free of refined sugar, gluten, malt, artificial flavours and colour. Hence, these are safe for your child. With Gritzo Supermilk, you don’t have to get stressed about your child’s height and weight milestones.

Trust and Taste at Its Core

Gritzo has made sure that the healthy drink mix has the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of all the essential nutrients required for the growth of a child. The daily requirements of all the vitamins can be met effortlessly with 2 scoops of Gritzo. Additionally, high-quality protein from three premium sources is chosen to support the health of your children. Even if your child is not eating well, you can be assured that his nutrition is not getting impacted. This is the reason why Gritzo is trusted by more than 1 lakh mothers in India.

It is a wholesome beverage with an amalgamation of carefully chosen 24 natural ingredients. Gritzo has the best chocolaty flavour to tempt your child. It is 100 percent natural health mix with no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, preservatives and gluten.


Incorporating Gritzo Supermilk into your child’s diet will enhance his overall health. It will support him during his growth spurts and is ideal for fussy eaters. For all moms, Gritzo is your ally in this super journey of parenting.

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